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Please & Thank You
Important Terms & Conditions
The construction of Hinwick House began in 1706 AD.  To this day Hinwick House is a Grade I listed protected landmark building, an integral part of British heritage and widely regarded as an architectural gem . Loosely modelled on the original Buckingham Palace, Hinwick House is to this day a private residence, the home of the SINGH family, but is also a protected monument subject to a special set of rules and laws that protect its character and history. Causing damage or harming the building and grounds is considered a criminal offence in law. Read More
1. No Smoking, No Pets & No Raucous Parties Please 
We would love for you to have a really good time. The house was built to create lasting memories and experience the joys of togetherness . The lingering smell of cigarette smoking, the damage that pets may cause and the strain on the house of a thumping party will risk damage to the property, the need for unnecessary deep cleaning and risk damage to antiques and artefacts all over the house. If you wish to smoke, bring a pet or hold an event of any sort, please let us know so we can try and help arrange necessary safeguarding. There is a penalty fee in place of £500.00 if there is any of these unauthorised activities during your stay and the imposition of this penalty is at our discretion.
2. Thank You For Leaving The House As You Found It !
We try and make sure that the house looks it's very best for every guest . With over 50 rooms over 745 paintings and over 100 artefacts, spread across 37,000 square feet, this is not always possible unless the previous guests leave the house in the same condition that it was presented to them upon arrival . We would request that all rooms be left tidy, all rubbish be cleared and all used kitchen items be cleaned and returned to their place.  We may sometimes need to start cleaning of the common areas on the last day or your stay to ensure that the house looks as clean and resplendent on your departure as it did on your arrival Please make a special effort to leave the house and grounds clean and tidy.  We kindly expect our guests to leave the house as lovingly spotless as they found it . Please note a penalty and an additional cleaning fee will need to be applied at our discretion if the house is not left in an appropriate condition,  clean and ready for its next guests .
3. Please Look After Our Furniture & Artefacts
Queen Victoria’s hand written dinner menu, personal notes from the doctor to King George VI and furniture from Princess Diana’s ancestral home .. these are just some of the priceless artefacts to be found in Hinwick House . Our antique grand piano, the impeccable collection of books in the Reading Room....they all tell a story!  Rather than lock everything up for safekeeping we have chosen to share everything with all our guests. Please make sure to cherish all these special items and enjoy them, but treat them with care and leave them as and where you find them at the house. Much of our furniture is hundreds of years older and moving furniture causes damage to the floors, the antique Persian rugs and the items of furniture themselves. Please as far as possible enjoy the house without moving things around too much . If items are damaged, very often they are impossible to replace. 
4. Punctuality Is Much Appreciated

We are happiest if our guests arrive at 3 PM or after, on their arrival date and leave no later than 12 noon on the day of departure . We would love to have you stay as long as you like but that may not be fair to other guests who may visit us immediately after you. We would be most grateful if you could please follow the arrival and departure times please , it would help us ensure that every guest enjoys the house as much and we have enough time to welcome them and prepare the house for them.  If you would like to arrive earlier or leave later or need help with packages and deliveries arriving at the property, do get in touch with us and we will  do our best to make exceptions ( an additional charge will be applied ) .

5. Something Didn’t Go To Plan ? Please Let Us Know ASAP...

Nothing ever goes entirely to plan ! We’re here to help make your visit as much fun as possible and we do not supervise or oversee our guests when they are visiting us . We are therefore grateful if anything that doesn’t go to plan, it be. brought to our immediate attention.  Broken cutlery , stained sofas, wine on the carpet, wax on the silverware ... the more we know the more we can help remedy the situation. Every item in the house is photographed and is on our inventory list, the sooner we know something went wrong the quicker we can help minimise cost and disruption for you . 

Thank you in advance for all your understanding ! It’s a daunting task to keep things going to the standards that have been the hallmark of Hinwick House. Times are changing fast and we are trying to keep the timelessness going for as long as we can . We cannot do any of this without your help and active support and all these measures would go among way in helping us . Please enjoy your visit and thank you so much for your understanding .



I have read and understood all of the above and am delighted to be able to help and support the Hinwick House team by following all the terms, rules and suggestions mentioned above.

Thank you ! A copy of your acceptance has been emailed to you !

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