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Hinwick House
NN29 7JE


Hinwick House Is A Private Family Residence. 
In order to provide for and fund the maintenance and upkeep of this
Grade I listed protected historic monument, select private stays and events may be allowed by prior arrangement on the grounds of the etstate, the victorian wing, outbuildings and some sections of the main house.
For More Information About Arranging Events and Visits 



Hinwick House lies 12 miles north west of Bedford, 14 miles east of Northampton and 6 miles south of Wellingborough. London is approximately 65 miles, with J14 and J15 of the M1 about 13 miles.


There are trains from Wellingborough Station (5.4 miles) and Bedford Station (17.2 miles) to London St Pancras (40 minutes fast train), and to London Euston from Northampton (15.9 miles) and Milton Keynes Central (20 miles).

Booking Cancellation Policy

Any changes to the bookings can only be made with an agreement with us, but if you need to make changes, please let us know without delay and we will let you know if those are possible and whether or not there will be an additional cost involved as a consequence.  If you need to cancel the booking you naturally have the right to do so without giving us any explanation, but you need to do so in writing. Your booking deposit is non-refundable but should you cancel less than less than 3 months before the first day of the Event or Stay, we ask you to pay the full cost of the booking (if the Balance has not already been paid).  Please note that if you fail to pay any amount when due, we will consider this as a cancellation and act accordingly.  We are also allowed to cancel any booking as we wish, which could be for reasons beyond our control such as structural damages to the property, change of ownership of estate due to a sale, grounds being unsafe to use due to weather conditions or any other reason which makes the usage of the property unsafe to use.  If such cancellation by us is not due to your failure to comply with the terms , then our liability remains to the extent of all the monies you have paid to us, which will be returned as soon as we reasonably can. Additionally, if we find any breach of the terms of this contract during your stay, we will give you a chance to immediately rectify the breach and if no action is taken we would have the right to withdraw all utilities until the breach is rectified and depending on the severity of the breach may also request you to immediately vacate the premises with no compensation for the unconsumed days/time as per the contract.

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