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 Be Lord of The Manor


Enjoy Hinwick House With Some Memorable Extras

As Richard Orlebar was overseeing the construction of Hinwick House in 1706 A.D, he saw the house and grounds as a celebration of the great outdoors. As the years went on, Richard and his wife Diana spent their time in glorious country pursuits on the 1500 acre grounds of Hinwick House. Their passions included Fox hunting, Pheasant Shooting, Riding, Stalking and of course long walks in glorious Northamptonshire countryside. Guests at Hinwick house are invited to enjoy a range of outdoor activities and special experiences, some of which have been running for over 300 years, while others are have recently been added to the estate.

Our Modern Day Horse Carriage 
The 40 acre grounds of Hinwick House are
best enjoyed on foot. Read more >
£ 50.00
The Night Time Spotting Safari
Why bother with an after dinner stroll when you
can bundle up on our buggy.  Read more >
£ 100.00
Toll The Bells - Visit The Tower and Roof
The village of “Haanneuch” – now Hinwick – finds a mention in the Domesday Book.  Read more >
£ 150.00
The Formal Dinner Service
Looking for a spot of old fashioned glamour? Ah, the joys of dressing for dinner!  Read more >
£ 200.00
Row Your Own Boat
Enjoy access to our very own boat to row out onto the lake and enjoy the peace.  Read more >
£ 100.00
Log Fires That Judge ... And Mesmerise !
An ancient oil-fired heating system warming up 37,000 square feet of space...  Read more >
£ 100.00
A Day Of Play
Fancy a spot of Tennis? Unleash the Federer in you! Read more >
£ 50.00
Stay Longer Leave Later
Hinwick House loves company! We’d love for you to stay longer and leave later. Read more >
£ 800.00
You Can Bring Your Pets
We would be delighted to welcome your well behaved and house trained pets.  Read more>
£ 100.00 Per Pet

Hinwick House is primarily a private property & residence and a full time family home.

 In order to support the upkeep of this historic home, parts of the estate may be made available for occasional private hire.  Select weddings, events and stayovers may be permitted with prior arrangement only.

Please do email us & we would be happy to assist you. 

Rent Our Charming Cottages
Arrange to have your extra guests stay in one of our charming cottages. Read more
£ 295.00

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